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Homemade Chocolate - Making Your Own Low Fat Chocolate At Home

If you are on a diet or if someone in your house is trying to lose weight then you might
want to try making some low fat chocolate that you can keep around the house or give
to your friends as gifts. Homemade low fat chocolates are very popular as desserts for
sleepover parties or as party favors at teen birthday favors. It’s also nice to have some
low fat chocolates around when you want to be able to enjoy some chocolate without
having to worry about how much fat you’re eating.

One way to make low fat chocolates at home is to look for some pre-made low fat
chocolate chips or bricks that you can melt down and use to make your own candies.
But if you can’t find low fat chocolate that is pre-made or you don’t want to spend a lot of
money on a pricey pre-made chocolate base you can easily make your own low fat
version of traditional chocolate that you can use to make brownies, cookies, or candy
treats. A low fat chocolate dipping sauce for fresh fruit makes a great low fat and low
calorie dessert that won’t make you feel like you’re missing out on treat.

Use these tips to make your own low fat chocolate:

• Develop a taste for dark chocolate. Since dark chocolate has no milk products in
it dark chocolate hast the lowest fat content of the different kinds of chocolate.

• Substitute bittersweet or semi-sweet chocolate for milk chocolate. The less milk
and cocoa butter that the chocolate has the lower the fat content will be

• Don’t add extras to your chocolate. If you must add something to the chocolate
make it some chopped nuts that are good for your heart or raisins which are
healthier and lower in fat then adding things like candy pieces or peanut butter

• Use a chocolate coating instead of chocolate. If you are craving a sweet dessert
but really want to keep your fat intake low make a low fat chocolate dipping
sauce from some semi-sweet or dark chocolate and then just lightly coat some
fresh fruit, a granola bar, or some other low fat, healthy snack with the chocolate.
That way you’ll still get a chocolate fix but you won’t be eating a lot of fat to get it.

• Make some low fat hot chocolate instead of candy. Make some low fat hot
chocolate using dark chocolate and enjoy a warm cup of hot chocolate instead of
making brownies or another type of high fat dessert.

• These are just some simple ways that you can still have chocolate treats without
worrying about ruining your diet or going overboard on your fat intake. If you
have kids and you’re concerned by how much fat your kids eat just substituting
some low fat chocolate instead of regular chocolate in cookies, brownies, and
chocolate milk can make a big difference in how much fat your kids are eating
every day.

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