Homemade Chocolate - The Types Of Chocolate You Need While Making Your Own Chocolate At Home

When it comes to making your own homemade chocolate there are lots of different
chocolates that can use depending on your tastes and who you are making the
chocolate for. For example, dark chocolate has no milk products in it so if you are
making chocolate for someone that is a vegan or someone that is lactose intolerant you
should use a dark chocolate base because it doesn’t contain any milk. Here is a quick
overview of the most common types of chocolate that you can use to make your own
homemade chocolate:
Unsweetened chocolate – You probably have has some experience with unsweetened
chocolate before. Unsweetened chocolate is often used in baking to add a rich
chocolate flavor to food. You can unsweeten chocolate as a base to make sugar free
chocolate and use something other than sugar to give the chocolate a sweeter taste.
Many people that are diabetic or are watching their sugar intake will use unsweetened
chocolate and a sugar substitute to make their own homemade chocolate.
Dark chocolate – As previously stated, dark chocolate has no milk in it so it’s great to
use as a base for people that can’t or choose not to eat milk or milk products. Some
people also enjoy the dark, slightly bitter taste of dark chocolate.
Bittersweet chocolate – This chocolate is slightly sweeter than unsweetened
chocolate that has no sugar in it at all but it has very little sugar in it. If you want to make
chocolate that has a lot less sugar than other types of chocolate but you don’t want to
use a commercial sugar substitute you can use bittersweet chocolate as a base for your
homemade chocolates.
Semi-sweet chocolate – Semi-sweet chocolate is slightly sweeter than bittersweet
chocolate and has a slightly higher sugar content but still has a lower sugar content
than most chocolate. Semi-sweet is one of the most popular type of chocolates used in
candy making and is also often used in making chocolate chip cookies.
Milk chocolate – Milk chocolate is a rich chocolate that contains high levels of sugar
and at least 12% milk or milk solids. Most milk chocolate is made with condensed or
evaporated milk. Milk chocolate is very sweet and has a very low cocoa content so it
doesn’t have the bitter or slightly harsh taste that other chocolates have.
White Chocolate – White chocolate is really not chocolate, it’s a confection made of
cocoa butter, sugar and milk that is often flavored with vanilla or other flavors. It’s called
chocolate because it contains cocoa butter but there is no actual cocoa in it.
You can always experiment with different flavors by mixing and matching different types
of chocolate too. For example, a touch of milk chocolate might give your semi-sweet
homemade chocolate a little bit of richness that will really enhance the flavor.

Play around with the different kinds of chocolate until you find a mixture that really tastes
great and make that your “signature” chocolate base.

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