Homemade Chocolate - How To Make Sugar Free Chocolate

If you or a loved one is Diabetic or is on a diet where they can’t tolerate sugar making
your own sugar free chocolate is a great way that you or they can enjoy a sweet treat
without sugar. If you are making desserts for a party or dinner and have friends or
family attending it would be a thoughtful gesture to include some sugar free chocolates
on the menu so that the people who can’t have sugar or are watching their sugar intake
could still have a nice dessert.
There are several ways that you can make your own sugar free chocolate. If you are
handy in the kitchen and feel comfortable making your own chocolate you can use a
base chocolate like unsweetened chocolate that has no sugar in it but you’ll have to add
something to the chocolate to make it sweet. If you can use a sugar substitute that has
the same consistency that sugar has that is probably the best route but you can also
add things like fruit juice to the unsweetened chocolate to sweeten it.
When you are combining unsweetened chocolate with a sugar substitute you should
always mix the two ingredients when they are dry, otherwise they won’t combine
properly and they will separate when they are wet. If you are using fruit juice to
sweeten the unsweetened chocolate pour in very small amounts and make sure that
you add a thickener to the chocolate to keep the chocolate at the right consistency.
If you don’t feel comfortable trying to take an unsweetened chocolate base and trying to
sweeten it yourself you can always buy sugar free or diabetic friendly chocolate in
blocks or in chips from candy supply houses and then use that as a base for your
chocolate treats. Most candy supply houses carry a range of sugar free chocolates
including dark chocolate and milk chocolate that is all made with a sugar substitute so
that it’s safe for anyone that can’t eat sugar to eat.
Once you have an unsweetened or sugar free chocolate base you can make chocolate
candy the same way that you would with regular chocolate by pouring it into molds and
letting the candy harden. But if you want to make a fancy chocolate dessert like a
chocolate mousse, or a chocolate dipping sauce for fresh fruit, or even sugar free hot
chocolate you can still use the sugar free chocolate as a base and then you can
experiment with different recipes using the sugar free chocolate as an ingredient.
You can even make sugar free chocolate chip cookies by chopping up small chips of
the sugar free chocolate base and adding them to some sugar free cookie dough
although you will have to be careful what temperature you bake the cookies at or the
chocolate will melt.
If you are planning on making holiday treats or chocolates as gifts for your kid’s
teachers, friends and neighbors, or anyone that you don’t know very well it’s always a
good idea to include at least a few sugar free chocolates in the gift package because
you never know if someone can have chocolate that has regular sugar in it or not.

People that can’t have sugar will find it very thoughtful that you included some sugar
free chocolates in the gift.

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