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Homemade Chocolate - Tools You Need To Make Your Own Chocolate At Home

Some books and magazines about candy making will say that you need to have a lot of
special equipment in order to make chocolate at home but that’s not necessarily true.
There are really only five tools that you have to have in order to make great chocolate at
home and you probably already have at least some of them in your kitchen. They are:
1. Candy thermometer – Some chocolate candy does need to be heated to a certain
temperature in order to be safe to eat, and some types of chocolate need to be heated
to a certain temperature in order to be liquid enough to pour and set properly in a mold
so it’s a good idea to have at least one candy thermometer on hand.
2. Mixing bowls – You will go through mixing bowls like crazy when you are making
chocolate, especially if you are mixing other ingredients into a chocolate base. To save
money on mixing bowls go to your local Goodwill or Salvation Army store. Charity shops
like that usually have kitchen and house wares sections where you can find great deals
on glass and stainless steel mixing bowls. You can also look for mixing bowls at garage
and yard sales.
3. Pots and pans -If you are using pre-made chocolate base you can heat that base in
a microwave until it’s liquid enough to work with but you will need saucepans to mix in
other ingredients and bring the chocolate to the correct temperature. Just like mixing
bowls you can often find mismatched pots and pans at charity stores and garage sales.
You can also use two pans to make your own double boiler when a chocolate recipe
calls for you to use a double boiler.
4. Molds – Once you have your chocolate blended just the way you want it and have
added any extras that you want to add into the chocolate you’re going to need
something to pour that chocolate into so that you can make chocolate candies. It’s
always good idea to have a wide variety of chocolate molds that are clean and ready to
5. Candy Coloring – If you want to really decorate your handmade chocolates and
make them fun shapes and colors you will need to use special candy coloring. Normal
food coloring won’t color chocolate. To get the colors to show on the chocolate it’s
necessary to have special food coloring that is made for candy and chocolate. You can
find candy coloring at any craft supply store or candy supply store.
These are just a few of the supplies that you might need to make chocolate but if you
have these supplies always on hand then you shouldn’t have any trouble making
delicious homemade chocolates at any time. If you are going to make a special type of
chocolate or you want to use a special recipe then you might need specialized
equipment but in general you can get by just using these pieces of equipment and what
you already have in your kitchen.

Homemade Chocolate - The Types Of Chocolate You Need While Making Your Own Chocolate At Home

When it comes to making your own homemade chocolate there are lots of different
chocolates that can use depending on your tastes and who you are making the
chocolate for. For example, dark chocolate has no milk products in it so if you are
making chocolate for someone that is a vegan or someone that is lactose intolerant you
should use a dark chocolate base because it doesn’t contain any milk. Here is a quick
overview of the most common types of chocolate that you can use to make your own
homemade chocolate:
Unsweetened chocolate – You probably have has some experience with unsweetened
chocolate before. Unsweetened chocolate is often used in baking to add a rich
chocolate flavor to food. You can unsweeten chocolate as a base to make sugar free
chocolate and use something other than sugar to give the chocolate a sweeter taste.
Many people that are diabetic or are watching their sugar intake will use unsweetened
chocolate and a sugar substitute to make their own homemade chocolate.
Dark chocolate – As previously stated, dark chocolate has no milk in it so it’s great to
use as a base for people that can’t or choose not to eat milk or milk products. Some
people also enjoy the dark, slightly bitter taste of dark chocolate.
Bittersweet chocolate – This chocolate is slightly sweeter than unsweetened
chocolate that has no sugar in it at all but it has very little sugar in it. If you want to make
chocolate that has a lot less sugar than other types of chocolate but you don’t want to
use a commercial sugar substitute you can use bittersweet chocolate as a base for your
homemade chocolates.
Semi-sweet chocolate – Semi-sweet chocolate is slightly sweeter than bittersweet
chocolate and has a slightly higher sugar content but still has a lower sugar content
than most chocolate. Semi-sweet is one of the most popular type of chocolates used in
candy making and is also often used in making chocolate chip cookies.
Milk chocolate – Milk chocolate is a rich chocolate that contains high levels of sugar
and at least 12% milk or milk solids. Most milk chocolate is made with condensed or
evaporated milk. Milk chocolate is very sweet and has a very low cocoa content so it
doesn’t have the bitter or slightly harsh taste that other chocolates have.
White Chocolate – White chocolate is really not chocolate, it’s a confection made of
cocoa butter, sugar and milk that is often flavored with vanilla or other flavors. It’s called
chocolate because it contains cocoa butter but there is no actual cocoa in it.
You can always experiment with different flavors by mixing and matching different types
of chocolate too. For example, a touch of milk chocolate might give your semi-sweet
homemade chocolate a little bit of richness that will really enhance the flavor.

Play around with the different kinds of chocolate until you find a mixture that really tastes
great and make that your “signature” chocolate base.

Homemade Chocolate - Make Your Own Delicious Chocolate Without A lot Of Effort

Does the process of making chocolate in a tradition way seem like a lot of hard work
that you don’t really want to do? Some people love the lengthy process of making
chocolate in a traditional fashion but some people want a faster, easier way to get
homemade chocolate. For those people, deciding what to use to flavor the chocolate
and using unique molds is the fun part of making homemade chocolate.
To make it easier to get to the fun part of homemade chocolate making you can skip the
traditional chocolate making process and use special chocolate chips and wafers that
are made for candy making. These chips and wafers are great because you can melt
them down in a double boiler or even in a microwave and then you have a great smooth
chocolate base to start with and you can get creative deciding what to add to the
chocolate to make it uniquely yours.
When you use these chips, wafers and bricks of chocolate to make your own chocolate
you’ll be amazed at how creative you can. For many people the traditional way of
making chocolate is far too difficult and time consuming. Most people just want to be
able to make up some cool homemade treats in their kitchen, they don’t want to have to
do a lot of research or find special ingredients or invest in a lot of pricey equipment just
make some chocolate at home.
If you’re one of those people that wants to get right to the fun part of making chocolate
at home, mixing the chocolates and coming up with new chocolate recipes and so on
then you should definitely buy some chocolate base from a candy supply shop or a craft
store and start to make your own candy using those melt and pour chocolates.
Using melt and pour chocolate is also a great way to try out different chocolate flavors.
You can get some very exotic chocolate bases that are full of special spices that would
cost a fortune if you wanted to buy individually and add to your chocolate. You can also
get sugar free and low fat chocolate bases that eliminate the need for you to buy pricey
ingredients or measure ingredients to make chocolate that is sugar free or low fat.
If you want to have a lot of fun making homemade chocolate, save some money and
make great gifts that all your friends will love then making chocolate using some great
melt and pour chocolate bases will be perfect for you.
Look in your local craft store to see if they carry candy making supplies or look online to
find a candy supply store that carries a wide selection of different chocolates that you
can use to make homemade chocolate.

Homemade Chocolate - Making Your Own Low Fat Chocolate At Home

If you are on a diet or if someone in your house is trying to lose weight then you might
want to try making some low fat chocolate that you can keep around the house or give
to your friends as gifts. Homemade low fat chocolates are very popular as desserts for
sleepover parties or as party favors at teen birthday favors. It’s also nice to have some
low fat chocolates around when you want to be able to enjoy some chocolate without
having to worry about how much fat you’re eating.
One way to make low fat chocolates at home is to look for some pre-made low fat
chocolate chips or bricks that you can melt down and use to make your own candies.
But if you can’t find low fat chocolate that is pre-made or you don’t want to spend a lot of
money on a pricey pre-made chocolate base you can easily make your own low fat
version of traditional chocolate that you can use to make brownies, cookies, or candy
treats. A low fat chocolate dipping sauce for fresh fruit makes a great low fat and low
calorie dessert that won’t make you feel like you’re missing out on treat.
Use these tips to make your own low fat chocolate:
• Develop a taste for dark chocolate. Since dark chocolate has no milk products in
it dark chocolate hast the lowest fat content of the different kinds of chocolate.
• Substitute bittersweet or semi-sweet chocolate for milk chocolate. The less milk
and cocoa butter that the chocolate has the lower the fat content will be
• Don’t add extras to your chocolate. If you must add something to the chocolate
make it some chopped nuts that are good for your heart or raisins which are
healthier and lower in fat then adding things like candy pieces or peanut butter
• Use a chocolate coating instead of chocolate. If you are craving a sweet dessert
but really want to keep your fat intake low make a low fat chocolate dipping
sauce from some semi-sweet or dark chocolate and then just lightly coat some
fresh fruit, a granola bar, or some other low fat, healthy snack with the chocolate.
That way you’ll still get a chocolate fix but you won’t be eating a lot of fat to get it.
• Make some low fat hot chocolate instead of candy. Make some low fat hot
chocolate using dark chocolate and enjoy a warm cup of hot chocolate instead of
making brownies or another type of high fat dessert.
• These are just some simple ways that you can still have chocolate treats without
worrying about ruining your diet or going overboard on your fat intake. If you
have kids and you’re concerned by how much fat your kids eat just substituting
some low fat chocolate instead of regular chocolate in cookies, brownies, and
chocolate milk can make a big difference in how much fat your kids are eating
every day.

Homemade Chocolate - How To Make Sugar Free Chocolate

If you or a loved one is Diabetic or is on a diet where they can’t tolerate sugar making
your own sugar free chocolate is a great way that you or they can enjoy a sweet treat
without sugar. If you are making desserts for a party or dinner and have friends or
family attending it would be a thoughtful gesture to include some sugar free chocolates
on the menu so that the people who can’t have sugar or are watching their sugar intake
could still have a nice dessert.
There are several ways that you can make your own sugar free chocolate. If you are
handy in the kitchen and feel comfortable making your own chocolate you can use a
base chocolate like unsweetened chocolate that has no sugar in it but you’ll have to add
something to the chocolate to make it sweet. If you can use a sugar substitute that has
the same consistency that sugar has that is probably the best route but you can also
add things like fruit juice to the unsweetened chocolate to sweeten it.
When you are combining unsweetened chocolate with a sugar substitute you should
always mix the two ingredients when they are dry, otherwise they won’t combine
properly and they will separate when they are wet. If you are using fruit juice to
sweeten the unsweetened chocolate pour in very small amounts and make sure that
you add a thickener to the chocolate to keep the chocolate at the right consistency.
If you don’t feel comfortable trying to take an unsweetened chocolate base and trying to
sweeten it yourself you can always buy sugar free or diabetic friendly chocolate in
blocks or in chips from candy supply houses and then use that as a base for your
chocolate treats. Most candy supply houses carry a range of sugar free chocolates
including dark chocolate and milk chocolate that is all made with a sugar substitute so
that it’s safe for anyone that can’t eat sugar to eat.
Once you have an unsweetened or sugar free chocolate base you can make chocolate
candy the same way that you would with regular chocolate by pouring it into molds and
letting the candy harden. But if you want to make a fancy chocolate dessert like a
chocolate mousse, or a chocolate dipping sauce for fresh fruit, or even sugar free hot
chocolate you can still use the sugar free chocolate as a base and then you can
experiment with different recipes using the sugar free chocolate as an ingredient.
You can even make sugar free chocolate chip cookies by chopping up small chips of
the sugar free chocolate base and adding them to some sugar free cookie dough
although you will have to be careful what temperature you bake the cookies at or the
chocolate will melt.
If you are planning on making holiday treats or chocolates as gifts for your kid’s
teachers, friends and neighbors, or anyone that you don’t know very well it’s always a
good idea to include at least a few sugar free chocolates in the gift package because
you never know if someone can have chocolate that has regular sugar in it or not.

People that can’t have sugar will find it very thoughtful that you included some sugar
free chocolates in the gift.

Homemade Chocolate - The Traditional Process Of Making It

Traditional Chocolate Making

Making chocolate the traditional way can be done at home, although it’s a lengthy and
involved process. If you want to pursue making homemade chocolate as a hobby and
it’s important to you to make all of your chocolate from scratch you can do that but
you’ll need some specialized equipment and a lot of time on your hands. Some people
really do enjoy making chocolate from scratch, so you should give traditional chocolate
making a try to see if it’s a hobby that you are interested in pursuing. Using a traditional
process to make chocolate home has several steps:
1. Choosing the beans. Chocolate is made from cacao beans so when you first start
off making chocolate the traditional way you need to start with some high quality cacao
beans. There are suppliers on the Internet that sell different varieties of cacao beans in
many different price ranges so if you are looking for whole cacao beans it isn’t too hard
to find them.
2. Roasting the beans. Cacao beans need to be roasted just like coffee beans. You
can roast them at home on a cookie sheet in the oven if you watch them carefully or you
can buy a specialized cacao bean roaster for at home use if you’re going to pursue
traditional candy making as a hobby. The beans are usually roasted for as little as five
minutes or as many as 35 minutes depending on the type of bean and the flavor that
you want to achieve.
3. Getting the chocolate out. After the beans are roasted you need to crack open the
outer shell of the bean to get the chocolate that is inside out. There are several ways to
do this at home. You can lay the beans in a single sheet on a counter or on a baking
sheet and use a hammer to crack the shells open, then use a blow dryer on a low
setting to blow the hulls of the beans away from the chocolate or you can use a juicer to
accomplish the same goal. This step can be very messy, so make sure that you have a
mop and bucket and lots of clean up supplies standing by.
4. Grinding and Refining the chocolate. Now you need to grind the chocolate down
as fine as possible. If you’re going to do this at home many expert chocolate makers
recommend using a high quality juicer to grind the chocolate. After the chocolate has all
been ground as finely as possible you need to add milk, sugar, preservatives, or
anything else that you’re planning on adding to the chocolate to enhance the flavor.
Once everything is mixed with the other ingredients the chocolate will need to be
agitated slowly but constantly. This process could take up to 12 hours to get the
chocolate to exactly the right consistency. Experts recommend using a stand mixer on
a low setting to refine the chocolate.
5. Tempering the chocolate. Once the chocolate has been fully refined it needs to be
tempered before you can use it. Tempering chocolate at home can be a very
complicated process but if you want to cheat a little and speed up the procedure you
can use a microwave to temper your homemade chocolate. Once the chocolate is
tempered and is smooth, hard and shiny it’s ready to be used or eaten.

Homemade Chocolate - Why You Should Be Making Chocolate At Home

Most people have never really even though about making their own homemade
chocolate, they just buy chocolate bars or chocolate cookies at the store and don’t think
twice about it. But people have been making homemade chocolate for hundreds of
years. Some people think that homemade chocolate tastes much better than
commercial chocolate. And who doesn’t love getting a special chocolate treat that was
made just for them?
For people that have special medical conditions or dietary challenges that make it
unhealthy for them to eat commercial chocolate that is loaded with sugar and fat making
homemade chocolate is a good way for them to be able to enjoy having some chocolate
without having to worry about the health problems that they would face from eating
commercially made chocolate.
People that have severe allergies to things that are often found in commercially made
chocolate, like nuts, have to be extremely careful about the types and brands of
commercially made chocolate that they eat and many prefer to make homemade
chocolate so that they know it’s free of any nuts or nut products.
 This is a huge concern for people that have diabetes because chocolate can wreak
havoc with a diabetic’s blood sugar levels. Many doctors recommend that people who
suffer from Diabetes give up chocolate all together or only eat sugar free chocolate.
Since it can be hard to find sugar free chocolate that is tasty and not expensive making
homemade sugar free chocolate is a great alternative for diabetics. If you have a
diabetic family member you can make that person feel more at home on holidays or at
parties by making special homemade sugar free chocolate that they can eat.
Another reason that you should give homemade chocolate making a try is because it’s
fun. If you enjoy cooking then you will probably really enjoy the creative process of
deciding what type of chocolates to make, the experience of actually making the
chocolate, and then of course comes the fun of eating the chocolate. Making
homemade chocolate is a great rainy day activity that you can do with the kids to keep
them busy and the chocolates that you make are wonderful gifts and party favors for
holidays, birthdays, and other occasions.
Making homemade chocolate can also be a lot less expensive than buying
commercially made chocolates, especially around holidays like Christmas or Valentine’s
Day. If you want to have some great gifts that people will really love without spending a
fortune then you can make homemade chocolate gifts for people that are unique and
personalized and don’t cost that much to make. Most people love to get homemade
gifts and almost everyone loves chocolate so giving the gift of homemade chocolate is
sure to be a hit.

Can A Relationship Work If You Are Incompatible

Relationship Incompatibility Can Be Good Or Bad


Sometimes when we meet new people, they can seem like the perfect match for the type of partner you've been looking for. They're funny, sweet, sensitive, romantic and caring.

After a few months, little differences start to show you might realize that the partner you found is not the person you thought he was at all.

In most cases, this is simply because everyone is on their best behavior when they meet a new person. They're showing you all their good traits and pleasant attributes.

However, once people start to get familiar and comfortable with another person, they can lapse into their real personalities. This isn't always a bad thing. You might find you like each other more once you drop the pretense of always being perfect.

Of course, you could learn that you don't like the stranger who emerged at all.

Incompatibility doesn't always mean that you have different goals or hobbies or interests. It could mean you have different objectives in life or different religious beliefs or any number of things.

Being incompatible also doesn't mean your relationship has to end, but there will be some things that need to be addressed.

Mending The Rift

The level of incompatibility between you and your partner is something only you can know. Some couples agree to be tolerant of the other's beliefs or goals. Other couples make the change to one or the other person's way of thinking.

Unfortunately there can be much deeper issues to overcome if your partner doesn't want any children and you want four, plus a dog. Your partner might be into sexual fantasies that involve rubber chickens and gummy bears – or any other array of props – and you just can't bring yourself to go there.

Your partner may also have issues with substance abuse, physical abuse or other deeper psychological issues that you don't want to be a part of. These deeper incompatibility issues can be reason enough to consider looking for a new partner.

Being incompatible on some issues doesn't mean the relationship needs to end. You may simply need to work on communicating your needs and preferences to your partner. 

However, when there are deeper issues involved, it may be time to question whether you're happy to compromise your own values for the sake of a relationship.

What Are 10 Things Someone Should Consider Before Starting Their Own Home Business?

Top Considerations To Make When Starting Your Home Based Business

Starting a home-based business is a very personal decision. Many will start a home-based business as a means of deriving additional income for their family. 

For those who may be considering the idea of business ownership featuring a product or service there may be questions about what type of home-based business might be right.

Below are a few ideas to help you internalize the possibilities of a home-based business. Ask yourself these questions.

1) What skills do I have that would be beneficial to a home-business startup?

2) What can I do that other people are not interested in doing for themselves?

3) Can I use my current mode of transportation in the commission of a home-based business?

4) Do I have a hobby that can be the launching pad for a home-based business?

5) Can I use some of the things I know to facilitate a home-based business?

6) Can existing appliances or tools in my home be used in a home-based business?

7) Do I have a specific ability that might lend itself to developing a home-based business?

8) Is there a way to use my home itself to develop a business that can exist within the home?

9) Can I use my computer to develop a home-based business that may be separate from the Internet?

10) Do I have the drive to start a home-based business or simply a mild curiosity?

Home-based businesses are routinely relied on for residual income. On the other hand they are a growing part of many family's primary income.

There are many levels of commitment that can be expressed in the development of a home-based business. Many of the residual or supplementary income businesses can be essentially hands-free, while other businesses may require many hours each day to manage.

Sometimes home-based business does not result in a life of ease. It can be the hardest work you have every done. For some this is still the best possible scenario for earning a living. 

For others a home-based business may be ill suited to their individual temperament.

The Internet has provided a great launching pad for a variety of home-based businesses from specialty brownies to the manufacture of custom walking sticks. 

Every conceivable passion can be exhibited in home-based business and the Internet can provide access to a world-wide market for a highly personalized product or service.

If you are considering a home-based business look to identify your passion and gifts first, then try to identify a link to the Internet where your idea can gain a much wider audience.

How To Get More Online Sales And Maximize Profits For Your Small Home Business

 How To Maximize Home Business Website Sales

Many of the visitors to your home business website will remain just that: visitors. What is it about a home business website that keeps potential customers returning and eventually beginning to buy your products? Here are a few ways you can make the most of your home business website.

The most important part of your home business website is making the site very easy to navigate. All of your home business information should be easily accessible to site visitors. If the home business website is confusing or even slightly complicated, this will turn away many potential customers right away. Slightly less crucial, but still very important, is your home business website design. Have you laid out the home business website with colors that work well together and don't blind the eye? Is your font easy for anyone to read, and professional looking? These are the very first important questions to ask yourself when assessing your home business website, or your plans for a home business website.

Also, be aware that information from your site visitors is crucial for your success. Find out how customers found your home business website, because this will enable you to advertise your home business in a more directly targeted way. It is also beneficial to get the names and addresses of your website visitors. Provide a sign up form on your home business website that allows customers or potential customers to receive email messages from you. You may want to offer some sort of contest or drawing in order to encourage customers to sign up for your home business email list. Be sure to make them aware of how often you plan to email them. In other words, if you send out only one or two home business emails per month, this information would help put people at ease, knowing they will not be receiving an inbox full of messages.

Additionally, your home business website can also provide testimonials from previously satisfied customers. You can help give credibility to these testimonials by adding pictures, website addresses, etc. of the businesses and people your home business has helped in the past.

10 Free Printable Thank You Cards - Floral Blue Watercolor Beautiful Designs

Thank You Cards - Floral Blue Watercolor Beautiful Designs Thank You Card - Floral Blue Watercolor Design Thank You Card - Floral Blue Water...